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  • Interior Casa SEAT
  • Interior Casa SEAT
  • Interior Casa SEAT
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Façana Casa SEAT
La Casa SEAT en 48h Open House Barcelona

Casa SEAT, located at Passeig de Gràcia 109 in Barcelona, ​​will be one of the emblematic buildings that can be visited on the weekend of October 24-25th, 2020, during the 48h Open House BCN Architecture Festival.

The recently opened SEAT House is located in the atrium of the old Deutsche Bank skyscraper, a building that crowns the end of Passeig de Gràcia and which in recent years has been the subject of a major refurbishment planned by OAB Architecture Studio, which includes the creation of a new pedestrian crossing that will connect the square of Jardinets de Gràcia and the street Riera de Sant Miquel.

The façade, a bronze structure superimposed on the existing perimeter supports, creates a compositional lattice with large windows on Avinguda Diagonal and a completely blind rear façade is left over the passage. A six-meter-high canopy that opens into the pedestrian's visual cone surrounds the entire volume.

The spectacular interior of Casa Seat is designed by Lázaro-Rosa Violán Studio and combines different areas: exhibition area, auditorium, work area, activities and catering.

AT3 Oller-Peña has been working on this project since the beginning, leading the execution of both the structure and the interior design.

To adapt to the circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the festival offers guided tours with audio guide and virtual activities in addition to the usual face-to-face visits.

More information: https://www.48hopenhousebarcelona.org/els-edificis/casa-seat/